Cobbler’s World

Today i was walking down the road and suddenly saw a cobblers shop, as i had nothing to do i thought of just watching him. He was repairing a shoe with his bare hands i was closely monitoring all his activities the shoe on which he was working on was extremely dirty but still without any hesitation he inserted his hands under the shoe and started stitching. This continued for a while, people were coming in giving him their shoes and this poor man was continuously working.  After all the hard work he decided to have his lunch but I was shocked when i saw him washing his hands just with plain water he didn’t even bothered to use a soap. That brings a very big question in front of us. We all know how shoes smell right? Especially, after wearing it continuously for a month. So, why this man can’t smell the same? Is it like, he is addicted to that smell or he knows that this is his bread and butter. And do you think we can put our entire hand in our own shoes? I don’t think that’s even possible. So, how this man does it without any hesitation? Is it just because of his family? Is he aware of all the consequences? I mean eating your food without washing your hands is so dangerous there are so many diseases waiting to attack you and you are just giving them an open invitation. So what if tomorrow something happens to him who is going to look after his family? He hardly earns anything in a day these guys don’t even have insurance policy for themselves. So if he falls ill, he will end up spending all his hard earned money on hospital bills.

But we cannot blame them because they are just earning for a living. We have to come together and we have to make them realize how important their life is. They should be spending their hard earned money on their children’s education and not on hospital bills.

So to solve this problem we already have a plan in place. We would be going to each and every shop and we would be briefing them. And we would also be circulating free hand gloves to all these people so that they don’t have to use their bare hands again. Also, if possible we want these people to use hand wash on daily basis. I know it’s almost impossible, these people cannot afford a hand wash but hygiene is very important. We are planning to get in touch with hand wash brands like Dettol, Lifebuoy, Savlon etc and see if they can support us in this initiative of ours. This is a very small initiative and my Goal is simple “Swatch Bharat”




Aadhar Card v/s Terrorism

Security seems to be a biggest concern now a days. There is a tremendous growth in the terrorist activities in recent years. It is not like it is happening only in India, it is happening all over the world.

Ask yourself do you really feel safe when you are at the Airport, Railway Station, Bus stop or at a Mall.

A person standing next to you can be a terrorist. Terrorist can be present anywhere he can be in your Face book’s friends list, in your office, in the coffee shop, in a restaurant he can be anywhere.

I know there are lot of security measures taken up by the government to stop terrorist activities.

But government should understand the terrorists have become much smarter. Even they are aware of the fact that there are scanning machines installed on the Airports, Railways Stations & Malls. So why will they take any risk of carrying any perilous item with them. They can buy these items in India itself. The most important point is to track that person who is not an Indian and who is freely roaming in India.

Who am I to question the government. I don’t have any robust Mechanism in place to stop terrorism. But I do have a small suggestion. And It’s their choice whether they want to implement it or not. Government is trying to link your Aadhar card to your PAN card, Bank Account, Mobile Number, and Ration Card etc.

One good thing about Aadhar card is, it has a unique 12 digit identification number and a person can be easily identified through that number. This number is connected to their fingerprint and IRIS scans that are stored in a centralised database. “A biometric identifier, such as a fingerprint, can be an effective and highly accurate way to establish the identity of an individual.

Can we have a finger print scanner on the entrance of Railway Station, Airports and Malls. So every single person who is coming in or going out can be tracked easily. Once the person scans his finger on the entrance his true identity will be revealed immediately and there will be also a time stamp as to when that person checked in or checked out of that place and if later on if any mishap happens that person can be traced easily. People travelling from other countries they can just show their Passport. I believe this sort of control will help us in finding terrorists who have entered India or who are planning to enter in near future. We need to act as soon as we can because these terrorists are roaming freely in our country and they are planning something big.

Anyone who is not having an Aadhar card is either a foreigner or a terrorist.

Without Being Noticed

The world is full of annoying people. Nowadays you will not find privacy anywhere. Yesterday, I was in the cab chatting with my Gf and the person sitting next to me was continuously staring at my phone. I was feeling so uncomfortable that I literally told him “Bhai tujhe number dedu meri gf ka baki ka chat tu hi karle”

This problem is not only in cabs its everywhere Airports, Bus stand, Railway Station.. Railway Station se yaad aya mere work station pe bhi privacy nahi hai.

My colleague often used to stare at my PC.  And I used to hate that kind of behavior of his. I don’t want to be harsh to anyone but there are some confidential and personal things which I cannot share or I don’t want to share with anyone. But some people just don’t understand, they want to get personal they want to read all your emails chats etc.

I am 100% sure. I am not the only one who is facing this problem there might be many more.

I always wanted to develop something which will help every individual in keeping up their privacy.

“Without being noticed software” & “VR Head Gear” is a complete solution to this problem. You just have to login in to the software and It will take you to a virtual world. It will allow the user to view the screen in a customized manner. And the best part is no one will be able to see your screen. So now you can do your regular work without being noticed. Even the person sitting next to you will not be able to see what you are doing on your PC. The software is designed in such a way that once logged in you will not be able to see anything on the screen unless you wear this VR head gear.

Isn’t that amazing..!

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This pic which i am using belongs to Oculus.I am using this just as an example it has nothing to do with my product.

If cash less why not paperless???

I am pretty much confident every indian wil benefit out of this idea. 
Why do we need to carry our driving license when entire India is going digital.?

Every year Indians end up paying fines in millions just because they forgot to carry their driving license or the registration certificate. (Smart Card) Everyone has driving license but if one day they forget to carry it and if they are caught they had to pay their hard earned money to the traffic police and that money doesn’t even go to the government it goes directly in the pocket of these cops. So my question is why it is necessary to carry the driving license. Its not like I don’t have the license I have it but just because I am not carrying it you will fine me for that? Why should we give our hard earned money to these cops when we have not done anything wrong. To eliminate this process.

We have a simple solution. But for that we need your support. People just have to download our app and they have to update some specific details. The process is actually quite simple and can be completed easily.This can be done in the following ways:

  • You need to login in the app.
  • Once you are logged in, you need to find link that says “Update Driving license details” or “Update Registration certificate details” or “Update Insurance certificate details” or Update “PUC certificate details”
  • As soon as you see any of these links, you need to click on it to open up the page.
  • You now need to enter the Driving license/ Registration certificate/Insurance certificate/PUC information in respective fields and also you need to upload a soft copy of the same on the system.
  • After entering the details verify the same again and hit the submit button.
  • Your online application will be saved out at data base. We will verify the information entered by you and once verified your application will be processed. You will be notified via email or sms on your registered mobile number with a Link.
  • You have to click on the Link to download your unique QR code.
  • QR code would be different for all the documents.
  • Once you have your QR code you don’t have to carry these documents again.You just have to show your QR code to the traffic police he will scan the QR code from his mobile phone using our app.
  •  After scanning he will get a code he has to paste that code on the find tab automatically all the information pertaining to that person would be in front of him.

We really need your support to make it a success.

Please do provide your comments.

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The Hidden Truth

It was Sunday; I was bored watching all those reality shows on TV. So thought of taking a small nap. I was just about to close my eyes, suddenly my phone vibrated. It was a message from Neha “ Hey Ravi will you do something for me? Can you get the gang together and meet me at our favorite hangout place CAFE Cool today at 7:00 pm” I was shocked, why is she talking like this. I was quite sure something might have happened because she has never texted me like this. I called my remaining friends and informed them about the evening plan.

It’s difficult to find a place on weekends so I reached there in advance. I called Mahesh and Devi to check their whereabouts but there was no response from both the sides. I knew they were driving so thought not to disturb them again. I didn’t call Neha because I know she never comes late. She is very punctual and this time also she made it on time. After reaching, her first question was where are those idiots? I said they are on their way, will be reaching here anytime. I asked her, what happened? why you are looking so tensed?’ she said she has been continuously receiving calls from an unknown number. Soon Mahesh and Devi also joined us they were also shocked hearing that. She said initially, even she thought it might be one of us. But she got suspicious when the caller said “I know some secrets about you” and that voice was unrecognizable. I told her to give me that number and I tried calling him from my phone but there was no response either. We all were scratching our head to figure out how to find this guy. Suddenly, Mahesh screamed he said, dude, why not try finding his name on True caller app. It’s an app which will search and identify any phone number and block unwanted calls and hidden numbers.
I tried finding this app on play store. I started downloading it but when I was installing it. The app started asking me for certain permissions. It’s not like, I have not seen this before but to some extent, it did catch my attention this time.
• Allow True caller to access device location
• Allow True caller to make and manage phone calls
• Allow True caller to access contacts
• Allow True caller to access Media files

We all got more curious we literally forgot our motive behind downloading this app. We all had only one question in mind why this app is asking for so much of permissions. I googled to find out more information and was shocked to see the results.
• Location: An app that asks for your approximate, network-based location can now gain permission to track your exact location with your device’s GPS.
• SMS: An app that only needs to receive text messages can now gain the permission to send SMS messages in the background, potentially costing you money.
• Phone: An app that asks to read your call log can now gain permission to reroute outgoing calls and make phone calls without asking you.
• Photos/Media/Files: An app that needs to read the contents of your USB storage or SD card can now format your entire external storage device.
• Camera/Microphone: An app that has permission to take pictures and videos (for example, a camera app) can now gain the permission to record audio. The app could listen to you when you use other apps or when your device’s screen is off.

All these companies who are developing the apps and asking for our personal details have one thing in common. They all are part of a PRISM program. “PRISM program is a massive surveillance program operated by the United States National Security Agency (NSA). The PRISM program utilizes extensive data mining efforts to collect information and analyze that data for patterns of terrorist or other potential criminal activity.”
So basically, PRISM is an NSA program which allows NSA to get access to all these entities data whenever they want. The USA is spending 156 + 16 billion dollars just to suck in the new data which is been generated all over the world. Wow! Our personal data is accessible to everyone and we are not even aware of it.
Now, we came to know, why we have been receiving messages from different credit card companies. Loan departments, lottery scams. In short, these people have been selling our data openly in the market. We are not only giving them permission to use our numbers but also to read/write all our text messages, track our locations and take pictures and videos from our phone. But even after knowing the hidden truth we can’t do anything because if we don’t allow them to do so we will not be able to use their apps.
Anyways, we got what we wanted. The person who was troubling Neha turned out to be her school friend Rajiv. But Instead of getting angry we were all thankful to him. We got to learn something which most of the people don’t know. We all decided that we would spread this word with all our colleagues and our loved ones.

Let’s change the world

It was Friday, everyone wants to leave early but in my case it was different. I believe our brain works much faster when we are alone. I started working and got completely lost in my work. Suddenly, I looked at my watch and it was 2.50 AM. I finished my remaining work, locked my PC, took all my stuffs and went outside. It was 3 AM in the morning and temperature was 14℃. It was so cold outside, I was literally shivering. I was lucky, that I was carrying a jacket. I started my bike and headed home. I was not wearing hand gloves and suddenly I felt like my fingers are turning into ice blocks, it was completely unbearable. I was just wishing to get home as soon as I can. The moment I reached home, I locked my door and went directly under my blanket it was such a good feeling, I just couldn’t express. Slowly, I started feeling much better as my body started adjusting to the room temperature. I was just thanking god again and again, that at least he has given me a house to live. Then suddenly one thought came into my mind what about those people who are now sleeping on the footpaths, Railway platforms, Bus stands, who don’t have their own house, how are they going to survive? I was not able to bear it even for a minute and these people have an entire night in front of them. We cannot leave them to god. I don’t understand one thing, what is our government doing for them and as a society what are we doing for them? I know we have a lot of problems in our own life but tell me one thing, whose problem is much bigger?

 I am more concerned about women and children their body is not that strong to survive in this freezing cold. We cannot just sit and watch them dying. I think, if we come together, we can make a lot of difference. We do not want your money we just want a small help from your side. Just Text/Whatsapp/Mail/Call us if you have any old kinds of stuff like Sweaters/Blankets/Mufflers/Jackets which are lying in the corner of your house and you think it’s of no use. We will send someone from our side to collect it. We have a team who would be doing night patrolling and they would be circulating all these stuff which we have received from you to the poor people.


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